A complete range of kettlebells to help with functional movement strength
Sandbags and Slam balls for throwing around and working out some frustration!
A whole range of plate weights to help you build strength
TRXs for some bodyweight fun
The NUYU Rig for everything from squats to monkey bars!
Bars for classic and new movements
A range of cardio equipment to help you find the one you like, or one that challenges you
The grass track for sled pushes, bear craws and even a few handstands
Space to move, warm up and spread out
Dumbells for a whole range of exercises, not just curls for the girls
Space to store your bags, wait to start or have a coffee (or beer!)
Water from the cooler
Toilets and private space
A whole collection of resistance bands and fun functional gizmos
Jump Boxes for a new challenge


Maybe some bits you haven’t tried before and some new challenges, but we have curated and collected a lot of effective and diverse pieces.

All brand new and well maintained, the whole of the NUYU gym is kept clean and tidy, making sure we are a safe, and comfortable place to be.

Our playlists are a complete mix, sometimes with a variety of tracks to keep you motivated and having fun. Having a sing-along is not discouraged if it gets you going! We’ll always take recommendations.

Each member works out in their own area, with their own equipment, but there always chance to have a chat to other members and meet some new people every session.

If you’re straight off to work, or coming from somewhere else, you can use our changing space and of course we have toilets, water, towels and other bits to keep you comfy.