I get questioned a lot why Nuyu Fitness is different. So I thought I’d give a little insight into why I think it is and what we try NOT TO BE.

Think about the last time you joined a commercial gym – you may even be thinking of joining up, again after the festive period is over.

Before you do, just pause and ask yourself …… How was it for you the last time? Did you enjoy it? Did you achieve the results you wanted? Did you stop going?

In my view they are mainly oversized, overcomplicated and overpopulated environments where it can be a lonely place.

Staff not taking much notice, not saying a simple “hello” and definitely not helping you with the goals you want to achieve. I have recently joined the local “Pure Gym” and everything I have written above is totally true. No acknowledgment, no-one circulating the gym floor, no-one offering the smallest piece of advice and to be honest, you’re lucky if you see a staff member during your workout. The staff room must have something nice in it! (N.B. It is much closer for me to go there for a shower in between training than the trek home!).

This is why Nuyu Fitness was born – I hate these types of gym! Our goal is to create an environment where people feel comfortable, a place where you can come and achieve the results that you want to, a place where people know your name (think of the sitcom “Cheers”!), where you actually enjoy training and want to be there.

I’ll let you into a little secret, we get amazing results because of ONE thing, CONSISTENCY, people enjoy training at the Clubhouse, they want to be here, they DO turn up when they’re meant to. Training 2/3 times per week is better than once per fortnight at the commercial box gym, it’s easy to see why people prefer our way.

We are really proud of what we have created. We aren’t saying all gyms are rubbish, there are a lot of good ones out there, but in the main, gyms aren’t particularly inspiring places to be.

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