At Nuyu Chester we’ve created a gym that’s as fun as going down the pub, except
we switch pints for weights. (Well before training at least.)

That’s why our members stay, and maybe you will too…

At NUYU Chester, we focus on small group training so we can give our members tailored coaching and real results. It also means you enjoy training more, in fact, we’re really proud of the community we’ve created. We’ve had many of our members for years now. They show up at the gym week after week, and we love getting to know them and watching you get to know each other. It’s true what they say, it’s more fun training with your mates. We’re different from the big gyms, and it’s one of the main reasons we’ve been able to create such a great vibe here in Chester.

A gym where you can be you

So, what makes NUYU so unique?

Let’s start with what we’re not:

● We’re not a massive gym with 5000 treadmills
● There are no mirrors
● Definitely no egos
● And we don’t run big classes where you get lost in the crowd

At NUYU Chester we train members in a small group which means you’re getting semi-private personal training.

The group size lets us tweak the movements to work around injuries, mobility limitations and skill levels….it also means we can push you harder, there’s no hiding here! We’ll even let you choose the music if we’re feeling generous.

We’ve worked hard to create a welcoming training environment where you can be you. No BS or worrying about doing something wrong. It’s your time to escape being ‘Mum’ or ‘Dad’ for an hour, leave the stresses of work behind and focus on getting fitter and stronger. We all need it, don’t we?

How do NUYU training sessions work?

It couldn’t be easier.

Our class sizes are no more than 6 people. We offer up to 45 classes throughout Monday to Saturday, which gives you the flexibility to choose a class that works best for you (don’t worry, we cater for early birds and night owls). All members get access to a booking app or can head online to book their preferred session.

We’ve got two types of membership; you can come two/three times a week or get an unlimited pass to come as often as you like. If you’re interested in trying us out, we’ve got a 30-day trial with absolutely no obligation to sign up with a longer commitment.

Most of our members stick with the same time and day every week but if your kid is sick or your boiler broke, you can just give us a bell and switch your class around.

The way we train

At NUYU Chester we offer small group training for two main reasons:

1. We tried it and our members loved it, and
2. It gets results.

It’s as easy as that.

We believe it’s hard to hit your goals when you’re training alone or going to large classes (and we know you always hide at the back, right?). That’s why the small group training sessions work so well.

Our gym has a range of quality equipment that lets you build, mobilise, strengthen or just have a sit down if you’re feeling tired (joke). We’ve got everything from TRX bands, barbells, kettlebells, cardio equipment, a rig and more. Take a look yourself.

At Nuyu you’ve got enough space to train in ‘your’ spot (which is clean, sanitised and COVID compliant, of course). You might be doing a slightly different exercise to the person next to you, but the result is always the same: a fitter, stronger, healthier you. We push you to reach your goals, find movements that work best for you and keep a close eye with expert coaching and tuition. We also offer nutritional support so you can eat well to support your training goals.

And you get to train alongside a great group of people, of course, who keep you accountable and motivated.

Join the NUYU clubhouse

Want to know more about training in the NUYU Clubhouse with the most brilliant group of people you’ll ever meet in Chester?

YEAH you do.

We’re so confident new members will love it that we offer a 30-day trial with full money-back guarantee if you’re not completely happy. Who knows, you could be our latest member.

Why not get in touch with Ben today by emailing or head to the website to find out more and sign up.

See you on the rig.


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